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Want a reliable source?

NextG antenna is a brand made by IPD antenna factory. As a China supplier of Toshiba, Compal, Hisense, we have built up plenty of experience at M2M device, for thousands of custom project, with professional design house and reliable quality. We choose the cellular antenna, coaxial cable, RF connector and TV antenna. Also, specially we offer the Horn antenna, for special you.

Now We we want to build a sincerity antenna brand of made in China, reliable quality and cost.

  • 12 years experience focused on RF components.
  • 3000m²  workshop with 400 guys working together with you.
  • 7*7*4m² anechoic chamber is standing by for the testing.
  • Operating for 3 divisions: OEM, Distributor/Wholesaler, Retail.
  • Customization is acceptable!

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How do we work for you? Please follow us to visit our factory. A young and aggressive team is standing by for you here!

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Sometimes, I get inquiry how to distinguish an antenna’s quality. Let’s communicate here!



If you have any special demand about the antenna, cable or connector, let us know.



Our injection house could service for your device. Try us!

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