The peak season of the fair is coming again. As the one of the center of the Asian trade, there will be many fairs in Hong Kong. More than 10 fair about electronics and technology will involve. Also, the Canton Fair and the Shenzhen International Fair will come. Would you come?




Date Name Organizer By Address
Apr 11-14. 2019HongKong International Lighting Fair 2019 (Spring Edition)HKTDCHKCEC
Apr 13-16 2019HongKong Electronic Fair 2019 (Spring Edition)HKTDCHKCEC
Apr 11-14. 2019Consumer Electronics2019 (Spring Edition)Global SourceAsiaWorld Expo
Apr 18-21. 2019Mobile Electronics2019Global SourceAsiaWorld Expo
Oct 27-30, 2019HongKong Gifts &Premium Fair 2019HKTDCHKCEC
Oct 11-14. 2019Consumer Electronics 2019 (Autumn Edition)Global SourceAsiaWorld Expo
Oct 18-21. 2019Mobile Electronics2019 (Autumn Edition)Global SourceAsiaWorld Expo
Oct 13-16.2019Electronic Asia 2019HKTDCHKCEC
Oct 13-16, 2019HongKong Electronic Fair 2019 (Autumn Edition)HKTDCHKCEC
Oct 27-30, 2019HongKong International Lighting Fair 2019 (Autumn Edition)HKTDCHKCEC
Oct 29- Nov 02.2019HongKong International Outdoor and Tech Light ExpoHKTDCHKCEC


Date Name Organized By Address
Apr 15-19, 2019China Import and Export Fair2019 (Spring Edition)MOFCOM ChinaPazhou International Exhibition Center, GuangZhou
Oct 15-19, 2019China Import and Export Fair2019 (Autumn Edition)MOFCOM ChinaPazhou International Exhibition Center, GuangZhou


Date Name Organized By Address
Apr 9-11, 2019 China Information Technology Expo 2019Shenzhen GovermentShenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center
Nov 13-17,2019China Hi-Tech Fair 2019Shenzhen GovermentShenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center

If this is the first time for you to visit Hong Kong, what you would  consider first?

In fact, when I first went abroad to take part in the fair with our wireless antenna and RF cable, I was very happy and excited, but also anxious. 

I don’t know the local transportation, accommodation, even if my plug suitable or not? 

If there I need to buy something for the booth, where to buy? 

How the restaurant near the hotel….. Seems there have everything on the internet.

But too much information means nothing.

In this article, I will introduce you to the tips about Hong Kong fair in details. I know you are very smart, and good at information collecting, but now I will take you a more easy way.

HongKong consists of three parts: 

The New Territories

The Kowloon Peninsula

HongKong Island


There are two fair centre in Hong Kong, one is HKCEC, Wan Chai Convention and Exhibition Centre. It locate at HongKong Island, at seaside, with very beautiful view, total 5 floor.

The other is AsiaWorld Expo, nearby the airport. It locate at the north of HongKong International airport, AsiaWorld-Expo Station of Airport Express.

HKCEC contains most electronic and technology fairs. For electronic fair, Asia World Expo work for Global Source. Sometimes, the two fairs occur at the same time, but please don’t worry, there will be a free shuttle bus in the middle. Both staff are friendly, with clear indication to take you cross the two fairs. Normally, Global Source’s fair is ahead 1-2days of HKCEC. So, many customers like to take one day to visit Global Source fair, once getting off a plane. If you have enough time, you can go to the hotel at first, too.

Now, image you just get off a plane, let’s be a guider for you.

The transportation

First we have to choose one kind of transportation to go to the hotel or other place.

Now, I suggest you buy an octopus card. It cannot only used for all HongKong public transportation, like MTR, airport express, bus, taxi, but also, you can buy goods in CVS, like 7-11, Watsons.

Sometimes, there is special card for the traveler. Please inquiry the staff at MTR.

There are three main types of traffic, can help you leave from airport:

  1. The Airport Express
  2. The Taxis
  3. buses. 

The Airport Express

As a foreign traveler, I would like to suggest the first two one: the Airport express.

It’s between the airport and downtown in just 24 minutes on the Airport Express. Trains depart at 10-minute intervals from 05:54 to 23:28, approximately 12-minute intervals from 23:28 to 00:48 daily. 

For a detailed schedule of the Airport Express, You may download the MTR “Next Train” app to keep track of real-time train schedules.

Special note:

Passengers taking the Airport Express can enjoy the free In-town Check-in service at Hong Kong and Kowloon Station. Passengers can check-in between 90 minutes and one full day ahead of their scheduled flight departure time.


The Taxis

Taxis offer a door to door service to and from Hong Kong International Airport. Arriving passengers can catch a taxi at the Taxi Station, located near the left-hand ramp outside the Arrivals Hall.

Hong Kong taxis are colour-coded according to their operating areas. Separate rows are designated for different taxi types:

  • Urban taxis (red):  operate in most areas in Hong Kong (except partial of Tung Chung Road and roads in south Lantau).
  • New Territories taxis (green) : mainly operate in the north-eastern part (i.e. north of Sha Tin) and north-western part (i.e. north of Tsuen Wan) of the New Territories.
  • Lantau taxis (blue) : operate only on Lantau Island and Chek Lap Kok.
  • All taxis are allowed to provide services at the passenger terminals of Hong Kong International Airport

Note: Baggage charge may be levied on every piece of baggage that is carried inside the baggage compartment, and every piece of baggage with total dimensions (length + width + height) exceeding 140cm that is carried inside the passenger compartment. In addition, there is no limit on the number of baggage carried by passengers inside a taxi in Hong Kong. A taxi can normally carry about three suitcases of regular size (1.7m length x 0.7m width x 0.5m height) in a baggage compartment.


From airport to China mainland

Maybe, you have to go to the China mainland directly because of business. Now here is 3 kinds way.  


SkyPier serves the following nine ports in the Pearl River Delta (PRD) and Macao, connecting the region to 220 destinations worldwide.

Services are available at the Mainland/ Macao Transport Centre of Terminal 2 for travel to destinations such as Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Dongguan, Huizhou, Foshan, Zhongshan, Zhuhai, Macao and PRD West areas via different cross-boundary land control points.

The baggage tag through service directly sends baggage from PRD and Macao ports to the final destination, providing passengers with a hassle-free journey. Below is the list of airlines which provide the baggage tag through service to passengers from PRD and Macao.

Service Hours:

Lok Ma Chau (Huanggang) Port (06:15 – 24:00)

Shataukok Port (07:30 – 19:40)

Shenzhen Bay Port (06:50 – 22:30)

Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge Macao Port (08:50 – 21:10)

Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge Zhuhai Port (06:40 – 23:00)

Boarding Point:

Mainland/ Macao Transport Centre, Arrivals Level (L3), Terminal 2

Ticketing Point:

Counters C01 – C09, Mainland/ Macao Transport Centre, Arrivals Level (L3), Terminal 2

Special Note : SkyPier is for transfer passengers only. It is not applicable to passengers originating from Hong Kong

This is the link about the Skypier, more information about the ticket, schedule, please access it.

Very Important Note:

Please make sure you have a valid travel document or visa for Mainland China/ Macao before boarding a coach.



Tour and travel packages to Mainland China and/or Macao are also available. Please check with individual service providers for more details.

Service Provider:

China Travel Service (Hong Kong)

Eternal East Tours Company Limited 

Kwoon Chung Trans-Island

S.T. Travel

Service Hour:   24 hours

Boarding Point:

Mainland/ Macao Transport Centre, Arrivals Level (L3), Terminal 2

Ticketing Point: 

Counters C01 – C09, Mainland/ Macao Transport Centre, Arrivals Level (L3), Terminal 2

Very Important Note:

Please make sure you have a valid travel document or visa for Mainland China/ Macao before boarding a coach.

Attaching some website helpful

The Hotel

Around 1hour, you should have arrived at downtown. Now let’s think where you live.

As mentioned above, Hong Kong’s fairs focus on the HKCEC. It contains most of the fairs.

There are many choices in the urban area. Wan Chai, Causeway Bay, Tsim Sha Tsui, and Kowloon are all good choices. The subway is easy to reach. During the intensive fair, like the spring and autumn electronics exhibitions, hotels near the HKCEC are short. Can live a little further. Hong Kong’s rail transit is very convenient and the design is also human.

The HKCEC is connected to two world-class hotels, the Grand Hyatt Hong Kong and the Renaissance Harbour View Hotel Hong Kong. 

Near the airport is the Global Sources Pavilion. There are very few hotels around, there are hotels near Tung Chung. If the transfer time is very tight, it’s a good choice.

We have to say, the hotels in Hong Kong are generally small. Sometimes even over the imagination.  And the hotel’s price increase is unpredictable, and the price cuts are not guessed. 

Umm, There are some tips about choosing a hotel. Let’s from the budget, location features, and personal hobbies.

If you like good food

Then Causeway Bay and Tsim Sha Tsui are the best choices. There are both populist local tea restaurants,and high-class restaurant. Chinese and Western cuisines are available, too.

If you are the business man like quite and good view place.

I would like to suggest Then Central and Admiralty to you. As the  core business area of Hong Kong, it is a gathering place for high-end hotels in Hong Kong, based on 4, 5 stars. In the north, you can see Victoria Harbour, and in the south, there is Victoria Peak.  Here, you can enjoy unrivalled sea views, mountain views, and comfortable stay.

If you like scouring new electronics gadget and sports shoes

I’d like to suggest Mong Kok. It is a little further from the HKCEC, but the subway is still very convenient. It would take around half an hour to arrive.  It is one of Hong Kong’s famous areas, with a variety of electronic products and sports shoes. You can find a lot of treasures in the small shops in the streets.

Where you could order the hotel:

I like to introduce four website:


Both Agoda and Booking are belong to Priceline group. The comments are very informative. The map function pinpoints the location of the hotel. You can determine how far the hotel is from the destination and the transportation hub. This can save you a lot of time

Hotels belongs to Expedia group. Its biggest advantage is a member reward program. Stay for 10 nights and reward 1 night for free. And it is free to join. Very suitable for business people who travel frequently. Another advantage is the last minute offer. Of course, you have to make sure it’s a vacancy in the last minute. If join a member, you would receive a discount code from time to time. It should be the most reserved booking website.

Expedia was a member of Microsoft when founded in 1996. After the acquisition, split, now it has a powerful comprehensive function. The best advantage is “Airfare + Hotel” package.

Later, in another article, I will share some experience about the hotel I lived.

The Food

Now, you have checked in, and I guess it’s time hungry. Normally the airline meal is terrible. 

Hong Kong, full of fine food. Since the exhibitors come from all over the world, I cannot introduce all in this article. If you live in the downtown, I believe within 300m, you can find a delicious. I have been to HongKong hundreds times, I promise I had never eat anything terrible. Even some small restaurant, the food is delicious. Just please select the one you like.

List only the Michelin restaurants and key recommendations near the HKCEC

2019 Michelin Restaurant Guide

Local famous food is introduced

Tea with milk

Lard bread

Pineapple bun

Roast goose

Yum Cha


Too many delicious in HongKong, I will write another article about Food specially. I can introduce too much for you.

Preparing work before visit HKCEC

Now, you have been done, and go back to the hotel. It’s time to plan the route from hotel to the HKCEC

HK’s traffic is heavy, too. If not faraway from the HKCEC, I’d suggest you go there by MTR. Here is the picture of HK MTR. HKCEC locate at The HongKong Island line (Blue) WanChain station, A5 exit. 

The wifi in the HKCEC. 

  • Search and select “HKCEC WiFi Complimentary” or “HKCEC Fast WiFi Complimentary”.
  • You will be connected to the login web page. If not, please open a browser and access “”.
  • Check the box to accept the terms and conditions, then click “Connect”.
  • Internet access is enabled.

Other tips:

Language: The English level in Hong Kong is high. Foreigners coming to Hong Kong do not have to worry about communication.

Plug: Hong Kong is a British standard plug, three-phase wide flat head.

The shop: In the HongKong downtown, there are many shopping mall, supermarket, store, shops, etc. If you want to buy something for the tooth, you could inquiry the staff of the hotel. They should be very friendly to share the information with you.